Marine Mammal Research in Canada

The Center of Expertise in Marine Mammalogy (CEMAM): grouping DFO science experts working on a wide variety of innovative scientific projects to obtain information on the dynamics, ecology, habitat, migration and health of marine mammals from coast to coast.

Services and information


DFO scientists are committed to managing and protecting marine mammals. Learn how collaborating with national and international partners helps Canadian scientists achieve their goals.

Research Themes

Marine mammal research is organized into themes including population dynamics and impacts of climate change. Explore these and other innovative projects like the Atlantic Seal Research Program.

Laboratories and Teams

Science programs are based in the research facilities of each DFO region in Canada. Meet the dedicated scientists and their teams who contribute to these programs.

General Interest

View on-location photos of scientists studying several species of marine mammals. See how researchers collect data on the behaviour and health of these mammals in the wild.


Adventurous scientists study marine mammal populations in the Canadian Arctic region and worldwide. Learn about the International Polar Year program and wildlife protection groups.

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