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Women of science in the Gulf Region

Some dream of a career in science from a young age while others discover a passion for research later in life. One thing we know for sure: we are fortunate to count on such talented and determined women who help us grow our knowledge in fisheries, marine species and the ocean. Watch Renée Allain, technician with the snow crab section, Jenni McDermid, head of the marine fish section and Patricia Hanley, aquatic science technician, three scientists working at the Gulf Fisheries Centre, in Moncton, talk about their jobs, and what they love about them. They also have some advice for young girls interested in a career in science.


Narrator: For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, we asked our scientists to talk about their experiences

Renée Allain: Growing up, I had a toy microscope I always played with. I also loved to dissect my little sister's dolls.

Jenni McDermid: It's a fun field to work in and you get to feel you're making a difference.

Patricia Hanley: Science is always changing. It's all about curiosity. There are always new things to learn.

Renée Allain: We are asked a lot of questions and oftentimes, when we answer one of these questions, other questions arise.

Jenni McDermid: I'm really excited about the chance to have a team and get to lead people.

Narrator: They have some advice for girls considering a career in science.

Patricia Hanley: Trying something for the first time, it can be scary. But see it as an adventure, not as a sentence.

Jenni McDermid: Don't worry about the fact that there may be more men in that field, or more women. Follow what you love.

Renée Allain: What helped a lot was to ask questions and to push myself, to set objectives and try to attain or even surpass these objectives.

Patricia Hanley: My name is Patricia Hanley and I'm a graduate student and more recently, an aquatic science technician.

Jenni McDermid: Jenni McDermid, I'm the head of the marine fish section.

Renée Allain: Renée Allain. I'm a technician with the snow crab section with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans

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