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Now Protecting Nearly 14% of Canada’s Oceans and Coasts

Together with our partners and stakeholders across Canada, we are proud to protect nearly 14% of our marine and coastal areas!

Canada has become a world leader in marine conservation, taking significant steps to protect unique and important areas in our oceans. From the Pacific to the Arctic to the Atlantic, our marine protected areas help conserve thousands of species and habitats, including delicate glass sponge reefs, narwhal and beluga whales, and dozens of seabirds and fish.

With sound science and extensive consultations, we continue to protect the health of our oceans, for the benefit of our environment, our economy, and all future generations.


For the first time in Canadian history

We now protect almost 14% of our oceans


These pristine areas are home to a magnificent variety of fish, corals and whales

Scott Islands Marine National Wildlife Area

This area protects 40% of British Columbia’s sea birds

The waters are key feeding habitat

for the birds nesting on the islands

Tallurutiup Imanga National Marine Conservation Area

This area protects a breathtaking Arctic landscape

It explodes with Arctic marine life like polar bear and narwhal

Laurentian Channel Marine Protected Area

This area is a migration route for North Atlantic Right Whales

It also protects leatherback sea turtles and 20 species of whales and dolphins

Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound Marine Refuge

These marine refuges protect glass sponge reefs

Sponge reefs filter and clean millions of gallons of water every day

Tuvaijuittuq Marine Protected Area

This is the last place in the Arctic expected to retain sea ice in the summer

Year-round sea ice is critical for a variety of species

And Arctic communities that depend on them

Science shows that the health of our oceans is essential to our environment and our economy

Protected areas ensure our oceans are safer, cleaner and healthier

For the sake of future generations

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