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Using technology to better protect whales in Eastern Canada

Through the Oceans Protection Plan, we are addressing threats faced by North Atlantic Right Whales, such as the impact of shipping noise in Eastern Canada. With investments in acoustic technology, we are researching how to better track and protect these endangered whales who call our waters home.

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“Our oceans are getting noisier and noisier as there’s more shipping and more human activity and as humans are using the oceans more and the impacts that has on wildlife are largely unknown but we do know it can have a big impact.”

“Under the OPP Marine Environmental Quality program, we are doing some more focused efforts on understanding when and where North Atlantic Right Whales occur and on increasing our understanding of the impact of shipping noise on North Atlantic Right Whales off of Eastern Canada.”

"Through the Oceans Protection Plan, investments in acoustic technology and the new use of drones are allowing whale researchers to better track and protect the North Atlantic Right Whale."

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