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Multi-Partner Research Initiative – Oil spill research

The Multi-Partner Research Initiative fosters an integrated, global research network to advance oil spill research and enhance Canada’s level of preparedness and capability to respond to marine oil pollution. It improves our knowledge of current and emerging oil spill response and remediation strategies, and informs science-based decision making in oil spill response operations.


The Multi-Partner Research Initiative was launched as a part of the Oceans Protection Plan in 2016.

In the first 5 years of this program, Fisheries and Oceans Canada advanced research and technology…
…to support Canada in making science-based decisions on oil spill preparedness and response.

The initiative focuses on six program areas :

  1. Spill treating agents
  2. In-situ burning
  3. Oil translocation
  4. Decanting and oily waste management
  5. Natural attenuation
  6. Cross-cutting Research

The Multi-Partner Research Initiative…
…supported partners to carry out research projects and build on our knowledge of oil spill science…
…built an international network of expertise…
…helped develop new techniques and technology to enhance Canada’s ability to respond to oil spills…
…facilitated knowledge sharing between oil spill science and response experts internationally.

This work will improve how Canada prepares and responds to marine pollution incidents…
….keeping Canada’s waters cleaner for generations to come.

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