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Exploring the deep sea: the Northeast Pacific Seamount Expedition and its partners

How do you explore the offshore deep sea? Large ships, deep submersibles, mapping-tools, oceanographic sampling equipment, and most importantly, with partners.

Join the Northeast Pacific Seamount Expedition partnership of marine biologists, scientists, outreach and communication experts, and find out how they discovered habitats and species new to science.


During the 16-day expedition to explore the offshore of British Columbia, the Pacific Seamount Expedition Partnerships successfully visually surveyed 6 seamounts and mapped 13, collected over 170 samples from depths down to 2 kilometres, documented species larger in size, quantity and depth ranges than previously recorded, established 26 long-term monitoring sites and communicated the onboard science with tens of thousands of people across Canada and around the world.

Thank you to all of the expedition partners and everyone who participated from ashore.

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