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Science at DFO


  1. Provide an overview of science at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
  2. Outline DFO’s scientific footprint
  3. Highlight how DFO Science provides evidence-based advice to support you in your role

The role of science at DFO

DFO science provides information, analysis, and advice on key areas.

Core science functions


Produces the evidence base to inform management decisions

Program monitoring

Ongoing long-term data help us understand and react to changes in our waters

Scientific data

Generate data that is accessible, usable, and of known quality

Data products and services

Hydrographic products and surveys (e.g., digital charts)

Science advice

Supports evidence-based decision-making

DFO Scientists – Who we are

A highly skilled workforce, with science expertise spanning all areas of fisheries and ocean science

Science advice

Our science advice supports evidence-based decision-making


CSAS Process

  1. Call for requests for science advice
  2. Developing requests for science advice
  3. Developing the Science Advisory Schedule
  4. Developing the ToR & peer-review logistics
  5. Analysis/Working paper
  6. Peer-review assessment & drafting the science advice
  7. Submitting the science advice & supporting documents
  8. Publishing the science advice & supporting documents

Science and Innovation

Taking a Collaborative Approach

Communicating our science

Science for today and tomorrow

High quality science

Continue to deliver quality science for decision-making about our oceans and aquatic ecosystems

Leading research

Conduct research that addresses current and emerging issues, including:

Enhanced communication

Improve how we communicate our science

Constructive relationships

Build relationships with stakeholders, Indigenous peoples, and scientific community – at home & abroad

Annex 1: DFO National Science Facilities


DFO Science operates research institutes, laboratories, experimental centres, and offices located in 7 regions across the country.

  1. Institute of Ocean Sciences
  2. Pacific Biological Station
  3. Centre for Aquaculture & Environmental Research
  4. Cultus Lake Salmon Research Laboratory
  5. Freshwater Institute
  6. Centre for Inland Waters
  7. Institute Maurice Lamontagne
  8. Gulf Fisheries Centre
  9. St. Andrews Biological Station
  10. Charlottetown Pathogen Laboratory
  11. Bedford Institute of Oceanography
  12. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre
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