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Fisheries and Oceans Canada programs

Note: Budgets and FTEs are based on total anticipated budgets of which a portion are subject to Parliament approval.

Program delivery at DFO

Key program areas

Fisheries Resource Management

Budget: $147.8M
FTEs: 536

Key issues:

Canada’s fisheries funds

Budget: $88.5M per year (consolidated)
FTEs: 28

Key issues:

Small Craft Harbours

Budget: $278.2M
FTEs: 208

Key issues:

Conservation and Protection

Budget: $137.2M
FTEs: 861

Key issues:

Indigenous Programs and Treaties

Budget: $447.0M
FTEs: 255

Key issues:

Oceans Management

Budget: $31.3M
FTEs: 209

Key issues:

Fish and Fish Habitat Protection

Budget: $97.1M
FTEs: 593

Key issues:

Species at Risk

Budget: $41.7M
FTEs: 161

Key issues:

Aquatic Invasive Species

Budget: $15.8M
FTEs: 83

Key issues:

Fisheries and Aquaculture Science

Budget: $174.1M
FTEs: 778

Key issues:

Aquatic Ecosystem Science

Budget: $73.1M
FTEs: 424

Key issues:

Oceans and Climate Change Science

Budget: $11.7M
FTEs: 157

Key issues:

Canadian Hydrographic Service

Budget: $49.4M
FTEs: 324

Key issues:

Aquaculture Management

Budget: $16.0M
FTEs: 97

Key issues:

Intergovernmental Affairs

Budget: $2.3M
FTEs: 11

Key issues:

International Affairs

Budget: $11.0M
FTEs: 45

Key issues:

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