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Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative, Initiative 15.2

Title of the Privacy Impact Assessment

Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative, Initiative 15.2: Commercial Licence Retirement Program

Government institution

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (“DFO”)

Head of DFO or delegate for section 10 of the Privacy Act

Director, Access to Information and Privacy Secretariat

Senior official or executive for the new or substantially modified program or activity

Regional Director, Fisheries Management (Pacific)

Name and description of the program or activity of the government institution

The Fisheries Management program administers Canada’s fisheries in consultation with Indigenous groups, federal departments, other levels of government, private industry and non-governmental stakeholders. The Fisheries Management program leads DFO’s efforts to promote sustainability and is charged with allocating harvestable resources amongst Indigenous rights holders, commercial harvesters, and recreational anglers. Fisheries Management is further divided into sub-programs, including Commercial Fisheries Management and Wild Capture Fisheries Management Policies and Strategies.

Legal authority

Personal information banks

Short description of the project, initiative or change

The Program will provide commercial fishing licence holders with a key opportunity to exit the industry while receiving market value compensation for their licence. This initiative responds to years of requests for assistance from commercial salmon harvesters who have faced declining Pacific salmon returns. Declining returns of Pacific salmon has caused reduced fishing opportunities and caused the economic viability of the industry to decline. DFO engaged with commercial salmon licence holders on the design of the program and considered feedback received on program design, valuation of licences and other program elements.

Risk area identification and categorization

Type of program or activity

Low (2) risk to privacy

Type of personal information involved and context

High (3) risk to privacy

Program or activity partners and private sector involvement

Low (1) risk to privacy

Duration of the program or activity

Medium (2) risk to privacy

Program population

Medium (3) risk to privacy

Technology & privacy

Low (1) risk to privacy

Personal information transmission

Low (1) risk to privacy

Risk impact to the individual or employee in the event of a privacy breach

Medium (3) risk to privacy

Risk impact to the institution in the event of a privacy breach

Medium (3) risk to privacy

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