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ARCHIVED - 1995 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada

1995 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada

1995 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada (PDF 1.35 MB)

The 1995 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada collected information about recreational fishing in Canada in 1995 which indicates the economic and social importance of recreational fisheries to the country. This survey was conducted by the Statistical Services unit of the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Ottawa, in cooperation with provincial and territorial governments.

The component provincial and territorial surveys formed part of a nationally coordinated study which provides data on topics of interest to the public and government fisheries managers. The results of these surveys provide the most authoritative and up-to-date information on activity and harvest in our recreational fisheries. As well, they provide the only detailed source of information on the economic dimensions of recreational fisheries across all regions of the country. Once aggregated, the results of the surveys are used to provide managers and researchers with nation-wide data. These data are used to assess changes with respect to the level of fishing effort as well as to determine the economic impacts of angler expenditures at both the regional and national levels.

The 1995 survey was the fifth in the series of surveys that have been undertaken once every five years since 1975. Highlights from previous surveys were also published in bulletins similar to this one.


  1. Survey Highlights
    » Summary
    » Comparisons with 1990
    » Angler Profile
    » Fishing Effort
    » Harvest
    » Nonresident Trip Characteristics
    » Expenditures and Investments
    » Willingness to Pay

  2. Appendix 1: Detailed Statistical Tables
  3. Appendix 2: Methodology
  4. Appendix 3: Glossary of Terms
  5. Appendix 4: Survey Contacts by Jurisdiction
  6. Appendix 5: Table of Comparisons 1990 - 1995 (Excluding Ontario Resident Anglers)
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