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Methodology, Data Sources and Contacts

Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO) Statistical Services Unit collects and compiles national statistics related to aquaculture, commercial fisheries, recreational fishing and trade (imports/exports).   DFO’s has six regional headquarter offices. They publish statistics on DFO’s operations in each region.  An example of a statistic is the number of fishing licences that were issued or how many commercial fishing vessels were registered.

Data sources

Canadian data sources include Statistics Canada and DFO.  International data is provided by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

Current and historical data is available

For specific topics, based on availability, both current and historical (pre-1989) fisheries-related data are provided. As well, for comparative purposes, specific worldwide fisheries-related data, both current and historical, are provided.
We will only post Historical data as far back as 1980.  Anything prior to that can be obtained by contacting the Statistical Services Branch.

Need help or have a specific data request?

Please contact the Statistical Services Unit by email for support with national statistics. Customized reports covering currently available data may be obtained on request.
Please contact the originating regional office if you have questions related to regional statistics.

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