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Annual Summary of Fish Harvesting Activities (1999-2000)

Annual summary of fish harvesting activities 1999-2001

Annual summary of fish harvesting activities 1999-2001 (PDF 516 KB)


The Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (FFMC) and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Central and Arctic Region (DFO) have, for more than thirty years, co-operated in the development and maintenance of a commercial fisheries database. The harvest data are developed from the FFMC’s purchase ticket, which records the catch and payment for every sales transaction between individual harvesters and the FFMC. The database provides comprehensive information on the commercial fishery (e.g. fish harvesters, lakes, delivery points, species, weeks, months, seasons of fishing, etc.). This data has been used by the FFMC, DFO, and the fisheries management agencies of the participating provinces and territory in the FFMC’s area of operation. Data is also provided on request to other federal, provincial or territorial agencies, universities, and others interested in fisheries. The participating jurisdictions include Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and select parts of the northwest region of Ontario.

This report focuses on commercial freshwater fish harvesting activity in FFMC participating jurisdictions from May 1, 1999 to April 30, 2000. The period covers two distinct fishing seasons, the open water, summer fishery from May through October and the on ice, winter fishery from November through April. Marketing and historical trend information is included.

Section 1 provides harvesting and marketing data. Section 2 provides comparative analyses of each FFMC participating jurisdiction. Sections 3 through 6 provide similar analyses for each FFMC participating jurisdiction. Northwestern Ontario has been excluded from this section in consideration of the low percentage share of the province in freshwater fisheries. However, Northwestern Ontario has been included in Section 1 providing data by jurisdiction.

Persons interested in obtaining more information on commercial freshwater fisheries in FFMC participating jurisdictions may contact:

Policy and Economics Branch
Central & Arctic Region
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Freshwater Institute
501 University Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N6

Sheri Andres - (204) 984-5518


Section 1: Western Canadian Freshwater Fisheries Summary

Section 2: Analysis by Jurisdiction




Northwest Territories:

Annual Summary of Harvesting Activities: At a Glance

Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba NWT Total
Landings (t) 1,903 3,761 14,633 1,245 21,588
% Change from 1998-99 8.2% 13.6% 23.9% -4.4% 18.7%
Landed Value ($000) 1,422 4,659 27,161 1,525 35,907
% Change from 1998-99 17.1% 7.7% 17.3% 5.4% 15.7%
Self-Employed Harvesters 166 561 1,805 131 2,679
% Change from 1998-99 -1.8% 3.9% 4.8% 79.5% 6.7%
Major Harvested Species Whitefish, pickerel, northern pike Whitefish, mullet, pickerel, northern pike, lake trout Whitefish, pickerel, sauger, northern pike, perch, mullet Whitefish, pickerel, lake trout, northern pike, inconnu Whitefish, pickerel, sauger, northern pike, mullet, lake trout

Note: * To protect the identities of harvesters where the number of harvesters is three or less, the “rule of three” <4 (less than four) is used.

Annex: Western Canadian Freshwater Fisheries - List of Species

Common Name
Genus Name
Cyprinus carpio
Hiodon alosoides
Stenodus leucichthys
Lake Trout
Salvelinus namaycush
Catostomus commersonii
Northern Pike
Esox lucius
Perca flavescens
Sander vitreus
Sander canadensis
Coregonus artedii
White Bass
Morone chrysops
Coregonus clupeaformis
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