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The baitfish primer

A guide to identifying and protecting Ontario's baitfishes

by Becky Cudmore and Nicolas E. Mandrak

The baitfish primer

The baitfish primer (PDF, 14.6 MB)

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The help and direction provided by Harold Harvey (University of Toronto) was invaluable in the production of this Primer. The authors would also like to thank the following for their input and assistance: Karen Gray, Debbie Ming, Jason Barnucz, Andries Blouw, Andrew Drake, Theresa Nichols, Todd Morris, Shawn Staton, Heather Surette, Hilary Prince, and Timothy Gingera (Fisheries and Oceans Canada); E.J. Crossman and Erling Holm (Royal Ontario Museum); Debbie Bowen and Doug Jensen (Minnesota Sea Grant Program); Chris Brousseau, Alan Dextrase, Beth Brownson, Scott Gibson, Mark Robbins, Derrick Humber, David Copplestone, and Brenda Koenig (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry); Madolyn Mandrak (University of Guelph); and Dustin Boczek.

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