Apply to prevent, control or eradicate an aquatic invasive species: Step 1. Overview

Step 1. Overview

Fisheries and Oceans Canada may authorize projects that involve measures or activities to:

  • prevent the introduction or spread of aquatic invasive species
  • control aquatic invasive species
  • eradicate aquatic invasive species

These projects require careful planning, coordination and execution.

Provincial and territorial governments also play an important role in aquatic invasive species management. Through this process, the proper jurisdictions will be appropriately involved.

Pest control products and drugs

Pest control products and drugs

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and certain provinces and territories, can authorize the use of pest control products (such as pesticides) and drugs to prevent, control or eradicate aquatic invasive species. These projects require careful planning, evaluation, and execution to ensure environmental and human health aren’t compromised.

These projects are limited to pest control products registered by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency and to drugs permitted under the Food and Drugs Act.

Your project must also comply with municipal, provincial and federal laws related to:

  • personal safety
  • pesticide application
  • environmental quality
  • hazardous material disposal
  • transport of dangerous goods
  • storage of hazardous materials

You’re responsible for acquiring the necessary permissions from other municipal, provincial, territorial and federal agencies prior to conducting the project.

Habitat modification

Habitat modification

Prevention, control or eradication of an aquatic invasive species can be done through habitat modification projects, such as:

  • barriers
  • dredging
  • smothering
  • shoreline modification
  • mechanical harvesting
  • water level modification
  • manual vegetation removal

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has an established process to authorize these projects, as habitat modification projects near water can lead to:

  • incidental death of non-target fish
  • negative effects on fish habitat, including:
    • harmful alteration
    • disruption
    • destruction


Fisheries and Oceans Canada can issue fishing licences targeting aquatic invasive species. Please contact your regional office for more information.

An aquatic invasive fishing licence may have restrictions on the:

  • gear you use
  • fishing location
  • end use of your catch
  • time of day or the year

When applying, you’ll need to provide information on the:

  • species targeted
  • location (fishing area or other)
  • season
  • method
  • gear type

These fishing licences aren’t intended to promote or sustain a commercial industry. We do not want to unintentionally promote the introduction or spread of an aquatic invasive species in the fishing industry through the use of live bait or accidental releases.

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