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Quick Reference Guide for the shellfish harvesting map

This is a quick reference guide to some of the features available in the shellfish harvesting map. This application provides, in real time, maps of shellfish harvesting areas that are closed, open or subject to variation orders.

1 - Toolbar Icons

Tools icon Located in the top right corner of the screen, this icon opens/closes the application Toolbar.
These icons are positioned horizontally on the right side of the screen.
Home icon Opens the Home page on the application's side panel. It provides general information on the application and a legend of the mapping colours.
Initial view icon Returns to the Initial View of the map that was displayed when you first opened the application.
Print icon Prints the current view of the map.
Export icon Exports a picture of the current map view in one of five possible formats (BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF or PDF) that can be saved, texted or emailed.

2 - Other Icons

These icons are positioned vertically on the left side of your screen.
Open-close icon Opens or closes the application's side panel.
Zoom in icon Zooms In for closer inspection of open (green) and closed (red) areas or areas under variation orders (yellow).
Zoom out icon Zooms out and get a larger view of an area.
Bookmarks Displays a list of built-in bookmarks. You can also add your own bookmarks to the list.
Also see the section on Bookmarking current map view

3 - I want to … Menu

Located on the top left side of the screen, the I want to.. button opens the menu shown below. The next three sections explain how to use these menu options.

I want to menu

3.1 - Subscribe to CSSP notifications

  1. Click on the I want to… button and then select Subscribe to CSSP notifications. The side panel will display the following:

email notifications

  1. Read the notice at the top, enter your email address in the corresponding field and enter it a second time for confirmation. The application will verify that they are identical.
  2. Under Options, you have two choices of notifications:
    • Prohibition Order Notifications (the default selection)
    • Public Consultation Notices
  3. You can elect to receive either type of email notifications or both. Confirm you selection(s) by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes and then on Next
  4. The application displays the following on the side panel. Here you must define the geographic area that interests you so that you only receive notifications of closures and openings relevant to your area of interest. You may define multiple geographic areas of interest.


  1. Use the built-in Bookmarks, or the Zooming or Panning functions to adjust the map so that the view corresponds to the general geographic area that interests you. The south coast of Nova Scotia is shown in the following example:

Map example

  1. Click on Add and you will see the following prompt on the side panel:

Draw area of interest

  1. Follow the prompt's instructions and draw a polygon around the area that interests you, as shown below. When you create a valid polygon, the application displays the message Geometry captured on the side panel. Click on OK to proceed.

geometry captured

  1. Enter a descriptive area name in the field on the side panel and then click on OK. The area name will show up on the side panel underAreas of Interest.
  2. Click Done and the application will display the following message indicating that you have successfully identified an area of interest and will start receiving notifications after clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Click on OK.

email sent

  1. Once the above process is completed, you can return to the application and create additional areas of interests to your list.

3.2 - Finding a place or an address

This menu item provides a quick way of panning to an area of the map that interests you, by entering the name of a place.

  1. Click on the I want to… button then on Find a Place or Address:
  2. The application side panel displays the following:

Finding an address

  1. Type in “Canso,” as an example, click on OK and the application will quickly pan to the Canso, Nova Scotia area:

Canso example

3.3 - Bookmarking the current map view

Bookmarking the current map view can be done from the:

  1. Bookmark icon on the left side of the screen:

This icon opens a list of built-in bookmarks.

Bookmarks icon

Clicking on a bookmark quickly moves the map view over to the corresponding region.

Bookmarks menu

To create your own bookmarks, click on the (+) sign then enter a name and click OK. This will bookmark the current map view or extents. New bookmarks are stored locally on your desktop computer or your mobile device.

Bookmark dialogue

Bookmark dialogue

  1. Or from the “I want to…” menu:
    1. Click on Bookmark Current Extent.
    2. Enter the name of your bookmark in the pop-up window and click OK:
    3. Bookmark dialogue

    4. Your bookmark will now appear on the list of built-in bookmarks.
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