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Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program

How the federal government protects Canadians from the health risks of eating contaminated shellfish.

Services and information


Fish inspection and opening and closure notices to the shellfish harvesting industry.

Guidance on weather-related closures

Who is responsible for issuing closures, when they are issued and how to prepare.

Harvesting next to wastewater treatment plants

Information on how we manage and monitor shellfish harvesting areas next to wastewater treatment plants.

Human waste containment

How to prevent human waste from contaminating shellfish harvesting areas.

Managing the harvest

Guidance including patrol policy, licensing, identification of areas and prevention of illegal harvesting.

Importing shellfish

Information, forms and links to rules for importing shellfish to Canada.

Exporting shellfish

Overview and links to rules for exporting shellfish from Canada.

Marine water quality monitoring

About the program, its activities and contact information.

Monitoring biotoxins

Guidance documents on biotoxin monitoring when harvesting shellfish.

Area survey and classification

How surveys and classification of shellfish areas identify pollution sources and protect public health.

Roles and responsibilities

Who is delivering the program, what they are doing and reference material.

Laws and regulations

Regulations and laws relevant to the harvest of bivalve shellfish.

Manual of operations

Guidance document for the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program.

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