Fieldnotes: Pacific Science field operations


As part of the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 response plan, we have suspended all field activities that do not support critical services until June 15, 2020. Meanwhile, we are preparing for a progressive resumption of field activities after June 15th. This gradual and staged resumption of field activities will be guided by a prioritization assessment, the pace and sequencing of which will further depend on the ability and willingness of Fisheries and Oceans Canada staff to undertake the proposed work, and the readiness of our facilities and vessels to safely accommodate additional activities. All field operations will resume in accordance with direction from national, British Columbia and Yukon public health authorities, safe work procedures, and associated monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of our approach. Further, field activities will consider the COVID-19 safety concerns of First Nations communities, as appropriate. In general, resumption will initially focus on activities that involve our employees only, with collaborative activities being reviewed on a case-by-case basis to assess resumption priority and feasibility of conducting the work safely. Subsequent updates will be posted here.

We conduct research and monitor the marine and freshwater environment in support of sustainable fisheries, healthy aquatic ecosystems and living resources, and safe and effective marine services.

The Fieldnotes document contain information about planned science field operations in the North Pacific and Arctic oceans, as well as in the coastal and interior waters of British Columbia and Yukon.

They intend to:

  • inform Canadians of research and monitoring programming scheduled for the coming year
  • promote the sharing of key information and data in a coordinated, timely, open and transparent manner in order to encourage dialogue and collaboration
  • provide a platform from which to build and nurture fundamentally more inclusive, trust- and respect-based relationships with all Canadians
  • reaffirm and honour the reconciliation commitment to renewed relationships with Indigenous peoples based on the recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnerships
  • foster conditions that facilitate the pooling of collective expertise, experience, and resources
  • further Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s commitment to the principles and pursuit of scientific integrity


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