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Mona Nemer: Science, the building block of our future

Mona Nemer

Mona Nemer is Canada’s Chief Science Advisor. As part of her role she promotes science and its real benefits for Canadians – new knowledge, novel technologies, and advanced skills for future jobs.

As Canada’s top scientist, Mona Nemer provides impartial scientific advice on government policies and works on the development of an evidence based decision making infrastructure. As part of her work on science integrity, she makes recommendations to ensure that government science is fully available and accessible to the public, and that federal scientists remain free to speak about their work.

Science, the building block of our future

For centuries, advancements in science and technology have continuously transformed our daily lives; and the pace of change has accelerated even further in the 21st century.

Today, it’s easier to communicate with friends and family far away. Self-driving cars are being tested in our cities, and information of all kind is available literally at our fingertips. Data mining has become the new gold rush, and yesterday’s science fiction has become today’s reality. New industries and businesses are being created while others might disappear. Many diseases remain untreatable. Our past excitement about disposables has turned into our new waste challenge.

If we can’t predict the future, how can we prepare for it?

At Science 360°, Canada’s Chief Science Advisor will discuss how science and research can contribute to solving our most pressing issues while preparing our youth for future jobs we can’t even imagine today.

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