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World Hydrography Day

Hydrography  supports nautical charting and the delivery of tide, current and water level information for safe maritime transportation, as well as marine conservation, determining the limits of Canada’s continental shelf, and so much more. The Canadian Hydrographic Service is actively engaged in  the development of new standards for electronic navigation, new applied technologies and responsive to clients emerging needs for digital data.

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and its international members celebrate World Hydrography Day every year on June 21. This year’s theme, “hydrography enabling autonomous technologies” is shining the spotlight on new innovations that are helping uncover new information on our seabeds. Technologies such as autonomous survey vessels and remote survey tools are allowing CHS to collect data in new areas, in new ways and in a timely manner.

As a proud member of IHO, Canada has participated in this global event since it started in 2005. Find out how World Hydrography Day is celebrated around the world.

Video gallery

The following videos explore how hydrography is used to uncover potential hazards, chart underwater landscapes, and ensure safe and efficient navigation in Canadian waters.

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