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Deep-Sea Research sur les tourbillons Haida

Topical Studies in Oceanography

Haida Eddies: Mesoscale Transport in the Northeast Pacific
Volume 52, Numbers 7-8, 2005

Accès aux données océanographiques utilisées pour cette édition spéciale de Deep-Sea Research sur les tourbillons Haida.


Associated archives:

M. Robert   Information technique et données
L.A. Miller, M. Robert et W.R. Crawford 845 The large, westward-propagating Haida Eddies of the Pacific eastern boundary
E. Di Lorenzo, M.G.G. Foreman et W.R. Crawford 853 Modelling the generation of Haida Eddies
D. Yelland et W.R. Crawford 875 Currents in Haida Eddies
W.R. Crawford 893 Heat and fresh water transport by eddies into the Gulf of Alaska
T.D. Peterson, F.A. Whitney et P.J. Harrison 909 Macronutrient dynamics in an anticyclonic mesoscale eddy in the Gulf of Alaska
W.K. Johnson, L.A. Miller, N.E. Sutherland et C.S. Wong 933 Iron transport by mesoscale Haida eddies in the Gulf of Alaska
M. Chierici, L.A. Miller, F.A. Whitney, W.K. Johnson et C.S. Wong 955 Biogeochemical evolution of the carbon dioxide system in the waters of long-lived mesoscale eddies in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
Haida Eddy Carbon data in Excel format
W.R. Crawford, P.J. Brickley, T.D. Peterson et A.C. Thomas 975 Impact of Haida Eddies on chlorophyll distribution in the Eastern Gulf of Alaska
S.D. Batten et W.R. Crawford 991 The influence of coastal origin eddies on oceanic plankton distributions in the eastern Gulf of Alaska
D.L. Mackas, M. Tsurumi, M.D. Galbraith et D.R. Yelland 1011 Zooplankton distribution and dynamics in a North Pacific Eddy of coastal origin: II. Mechanisms of eddy colonization by and retention of offshore species
M. Tsurumi, D.L. Mackas, F.A. Whitney, C. DiBacco, M.D. Galbraith et C.S. Wong 1037 Pteropods, eddies, carbon flux, and climate variability in the Alaska Gyre
F.A. Whitney, D.W. Crawford et T. Yoshimura 1055 The uptake and export of silicon and nitrogen in HNLC waters of the NE Pacific Ocean
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