Marine mammal research

The Centre of Expertise in Marine Mammalogy was established in 2004. Its expert teams conduct research on marine mammal species across Canada.

Services and information

Protecting whales

Actions to help protect Canada's endangered whales.

Grey seals and cod

Impacts of grey seals on cod stocks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, related science journal articles.

Population dynamics

Harp and grey seal, St. Lawrence and Nunavik beluga, bowhead whales and narwhal.

Role of marine mammals in marine ecosystems

Marine mammal population dynamics and prey population mortality.

Human impacts on marine mammals

Researching human impacts on marine mammals, including the issue of small cetacean (porpoise) bycatch.

Impacts of climate change on marine mammals

How climate change is impacting animals in the Arctic, Hudson Bay, Gulf of St. Lawrence and Northwest Atlantic.

North Pacific humpback whale population study: 2004 to 2006

Why we needed the study, our goals and new population data.

Sea Otter Research Program

Population monitoring, recovery and conservation, how to report a sighting and publications.

Laboratories and teams

Scientists and science programs based in research institutes across the country.

Ocean Tracking Network

The study of marine species is challenging given their large-scale migration and movements and remote habitat.

Satellite recorders

Satellite-linked transmitters are miniaturized sensors recording physical data.


Links to information related to marine mammal research in Canada.

Atlantic Seal Science Task Team

Gathering input on our science activities and programs related to seals in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

What we are doing

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