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Advice, publications and data

Science advice, policies, DFO datasets, infographics, and searchable databases of articles and research.

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Services and information

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat

National and regional contact information, science advisory schedule, publications, policies and directives.


Graphics with fisheries, ecosystems and aquatic species information.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Library

Research, lending, departmental publications and bibliography, locations and hours of operation.

Marine Environmental Data (MEDS)

Canada's National Oceanographic Data Centre provides access to real-time and historical ocean data (temperature, salinity, ocean currents, waves, dissolved oxygen, pH, phytoplankton, etc.).

Reports and publications

Scientific reports and other publications.

Search DFO data

Searchable database of open government data holdings.

Search academic citations

Articles published by our scientists and researchers in academic publications.


Frameworks, scientific research, strategies and policies for governance.

What we are doing

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