Report on Plans and Priorities 2015-16

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Program 2.3 - Species at Risk


The Species at Risk ActFootnote1 is the federal legislative tool for protecting wildlife species at risk. It establishes a process for conducting scientific assessments of the population status of individual wildlife species and for listing extirpatedFootnote2, endangered, threatened and special concern wildlife species. The Species at Risk Act also includes provisions for the protection, recovery and management of listed wildlife species and their critical habitats and residences. As one of two Ministers named under the Act, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans has the legislated responsibility and mandate to protect and recover all aquatic species in Canada (except those on federal lands under the responsibility of Parks CanadaFootnote3). The program is managed according to key principles in the Act, such as stewardship, engagement, consultation, cooperation, compliance, and enforcement. The program is informed by scientific research, social and economic research, and stakeholder and community views. This information then supports the assessment and listing of species; the recovery and protection of species at risk through recovery strategies, action plans and management plans; the identification and protection of species' critical habitats; the implementation of recovery measures; and reporting on progress. The Species at Risk Program helps improve the ecological integrity of aquatic ecosystems so that they remain healthy and productive for future generations of Canadians.

Budgetary Financial Resources (dollars)

Main Estimates
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
14,616,829 14,616,829 14,616,822 14,616,822

Human Resources (full-time equivalents)

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
128.6 128.4 128.4

Performance Measurement

Expected Result Performance Indicator Target Date to be Achieved
Government authorities have the necessary information to protect listed aquatic species at risk and their critical habitat Percentage of listed endangered or threatened species with critical habitat identified 85% March 31, 2016
Aquatic species at risk are prevented from being extirpated or becoming extinct and are supported in their recovery Percent of listed aquatic species at risk where the risk status has either improved or remained the same as reassessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in CanadaFootnote4 85% March 31, 2018

Planning Highlights – Program-Level

  • Online Consultation Tools - Launch the web-based information gathering tools that will facilitate targeted consultations and aid in the development of Species at Risk program documentation. It will be hosted on Fisheries and Oceans Canada's website and made accessible to the public via the Species at Risk Public RegistryFootnote5.
  • Fisheries Protection Program Mapping Tool - Continue development of a web-based mapping tool that provides proponents and the general public with information about critical habitat for species at risk.