Report on Plans and Priorities 2014-15

Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

All upcoming Internal Audits over the next three fiscal years

Name of Internal Audit Internal Audit Type Status Expected Completion Date
Environmental Management Framework Assurance Engagement In Progress Quarter 1 2014-15
Emergency Preparedness Assurance Engagement In Progress Quarter 1 2014-15
Business System Modernization: Process Maps - Licensing Consulting Engagement In Progress Quarter 1 2014-15
Readiness Assessment of Costing - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) attestation Consulting Engagement Planned 2014-15
Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) - Phase 1 Assurance Engagement Planned 2014-15
Succession Planning - Readiness Assessment Consulting Engagement Planned 2014-15
Motor Fleet Vehicle Rationalization Assurance Engagement Planned 2014-15
Climate Change Adaptation Services Program Assurance Engagement Planned 2014-15
Aboriginal Contribution Management Framework Assurance Engagement Planned 2015-16
Fisheries Protection Assurance Engagement Planned 2015-16
Partnerships and Collaborative Arrangements with Other Government Departments and External Groups Assurance Engagement Planned 2015-16
Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) - Horizontal Internal Audit (Tentatively: Information Management) Assurance Engagement Planned 2015-16
Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) - Phase 2 Assurance Engagement Planned 2015-16
Integrated Oceans Management Assurance Engagement Planned 2015-16
Inventory Management Assurance Engagement Planned 2016-17
British Columbia Aquaculture Regulatory Program Assurance Engagement Planned 2016-17
Workforce Adjustment Assurance Engagement Planned 2016-17
Commercial and Aboriginal Fisheries - Licensing system Assurance Engagement Planned 2016-17
Information Technology (IT) Security Assurance Engagement Planned 2016-17
Departmental Decision Making Process Assurance Engagement Planned 2016-17

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All upcoming Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

Program Proposed Title of Evaluation Planned Evaluation Start Date Expected Completion Date
1.5 Aquatic Animal health Aquatic Animal Health June 2013 June 2014
1.3 Sustainable Aquaculture Program British Columbia Aquaculture Regulatory Program November 2013 March 2015
Strategic Partnerships Initiative (Lead: AANDC) - Horizontal evaluation September 2013 September 2014
1.1 Integrated Fisheries Management Academic Research Contribution Program June 2014 March 2015
1.4 Salmonid Enhancement Program Evaluation for the Salmonid Enhancement Program December 2013 November 2014
1.10 Territorial Delineation (Lead: DFATD) Territorial Delineation - Horizontal evaluation TBD TBD
3.3 Maritime Security Maritime Security - Operation Centre Coastal January 2014 November 2014
3.4 Fleet Operation Readiness - Part 2 Fleet Operational Capability December 2012 November 2014
2.2.3 Aquatic Invasive Species Aquatic Invasive Species November 2014 November 2015
3.5 Shore-Based Asset Readiness Shore-Based Asset Readiness November 2014 March 2016
1.6 Biotechnology and Genomics (Lead: NRC) Biotechnology and Genomics Initiative - Horizontal evaluation TBD TBD
1.2 Aboriginal Strategies and Governance Atlantic Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (AICFI) Footnote1 March 2015 November 2015
Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI) Footnote2
1.8 Marine Navigation Marine Navigation November 2014 March 2016
Grants for the disposal of surplus lighthouses
2.1 Compliance and Enforcement Education and Shared Stewardship November 2014 March 2016
Monitoring, Control and Surveillance
Major Cases and Special Investigations
Compliance and Enforcement Program Capacity
Intelligence Services
1.1 Integrated Fisheries Resource Management Commercial Fisheries March 2016 March 2017
Recreational Fisheries
Fisheries Science Collaborative Program
3.1 Search and Rescue Services Search and Rescue Coordination and Response March 2016 March 2017
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Contributions
2.4 Environmental Response Services Environmental Response Services November 2015 November 2016
2.5 Oceans Management Oceans Management November 2015 November 2016
Health of the Oceans [Lead: DFO] - Horizontal Evaluation
2.3 Species at Risk Management (Lead: EC) Species at Risk Management - Horizontal Evaluation TBD TBD
Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk
3.2 Marine Communication and Traffic Services Marine Communication and Traffic Services March 2016 March 2017
2.2 Fisheries Protection (Lead: NRCan) Major Projects Management Office Initiative - Horizontal Evaluation TBD TBD

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