Report on Plans and Priorities 2014-15

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Program 3.3 - Maritime Security


The Maritime Security program is led by the Canadian Coast Guard. This program collaborates with federal departments and agencies with maritime security responsibilities, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Forces, Canada Border Services Agency, Public Safety Canada, and Transport Canada, by facilitating the provision of maritime expertise, vessel support, and information. The Maritime Security program provides these agencies with relevant Coast Guard information in support of their maritime and national security mandates. Coast Guard's Fleet Operational Readiness, Marine Communications and Traffic Services, and Shore-Based Asset Readiness programs are integral contributors to the delivery of this program. This program is delivered in coordination with the Department's Compliance and Enforcement Program. The legal basis or authority for the Maritime Security program is found primarily in the Oceans Act.

Budgetary Financial Resources (dollars)

Main Estimates
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
9,240,284 9,240,284 11,372,268 8,403,789

Human Resources (full-time equivalents)

2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
51.0 51.0 51.0

Performance Measurement

Expected Result Performance Indicator Target Date to be Achieved
Federal enforcement and intelligence communities have adequate support and information to enhance their awareness of vessel movements and respond to marine activities Percentage of requests for information that are actioned within 30 minutes 100% March 31, 2015
Percentage of scheduled reports delivered on time 95% March 31, 2015
Percentage of satisfaction in response to client needs 75% March 31, 2015

Planning Highlights

  • Take initial steps to establish an internationally recognized Incident Command System, to improve the Canadian Coast Guard's ability to manage responses to marine pollution incidents in collaboration with key emergency response partners and review aids to navigation.