Report on Plans and Priorities 2014-15

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Program 1.6 - Biotechnology and Genomics


Both knowledge and its application through innovative technology are vital for fostering advances in the sustainable development of aquatic resources. The Department is responsible for developing the knowledge necessary to inform the federal government's responsibility for regulation and the assessment of risk associated with fish products of biotechnology. Through the adoption of leading-edge genomics research and biotechnology tools and techniques, the Department also improves Fisheries and Oceans Canada's ability to protect endangered species, manage the opening and closing of fisheries, avoid overexploitation of resources, prosecute poachers, improve aquaculture practices, control disease outbreaks, and remediate contaminated sites.

Budgetary Financial Resources (dollars)

Main Estimates
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
2,918,827 2,918,827 2,639,551 2,637,294

Human Resources (full-time equivalents)

2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
21.0 21.0 21.0

Performance Measurement

Expected Result Performance Indicator Target Date to be Achieved
Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Environment Canada decision makers have access to biotechnology knowledge and advice for the regulation of fish products of biotechnology Percentage of responses to requests for biotechnology knowledge and advice completed and provided to decision makers within the required timeline 100% March 31, 2015
Fisheries and Oceans Canada decision makers have access to genomics knowledge and advice for the management of fisheries and oceans Percentage of Genomics Research and Development Initiative projects that provided genomics knowledge and advice to decision makers 100% within 3 years following completion of a project March 31, 2015