Report on Plans and Priorities 2013-14

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Sub-program 2.1.5 - Intelligence Services


The primary objective of Intelligence Services is to collect and analyze all-source informationFootnote1 to produce finished intelligence that impacts on decision-makers to support knowledgeable and wise decision-making. In essence, intelligence provides advice about those aspects of the operational environment on which the decision-maker should focus attention. As the Conservation and Protection Program evolves to an "intelligence-led organization", accurate actionable intelligence and an ability to establish priorities and follow-up action plans will help to control, reduce, or more importantly mitigate in advance, threats and risks, which is essential to the success of the program and for corporate accountability. Establishment of an intelligence model as a core business practice within the Conservation and Protection Program will allow for analyses of fisheries management and compliance practices in order to move beyond crisis response and strategically focus resources on the areas of greatest risk thus ensuring maximum program effectiveness.

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Note: Intelligence Services is a newly created Sub-program and has not yet received funding.

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Performance Measurement

Compliance and Enforcement Program staff will have direct access to professional intelligence assessments to ensure knowledgeable decision-making, priority-setting, and the development of effective threat-risk mitigation and prevention strategies Number of intelligence assessments produced (by fishery) 6 by March 31, 2014

The Intelligence Services Sub-program is part of the Compliance and Enforcement Program.