Report on Plans and Priorities 2013-14

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Sub-program 2.1.3 - Major Cases and Special Investigations


The Major Cases and Special Investigations Program focuses attention on solving high-risk complex compliance issues that pose significant threat to the sustainability of Canada's aquatic resources and that cannot be addressed through education or regular monitoring, control, and surveillance activities. Special investigative techniques, including covert operations, technical surveillance, use of search warrants, and Information Technology forensics, are applied to address the unique difficulties encountered in addressing illegal fishing and other activities. Formal intelligence gathering and analysis, inter-agency cooperation and networking, and alignment and integration of data systems with visual analytics tools permit more accurate identification of enforcement targets and enable the building of major case files for successful prosecutions. This program meets domestic and international commitments to address illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing, and to protect habitat and species at risk, contributing to sustainable aquatic ecosystems, supporting legitimate economic activities, and protecting consumers from illegally harvested fisheries products.

Financial Resources ($ millions)

Total Budgetary
(Main Estimates)
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
13.1 13.1 12.6 12.7

Human Resources (FTE)

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
79 78 78

Performance Measurement

Those that do not comply with legislation, regulations, and other managing frameworks that govern Canadian waterways, fisheries, oceans, and habitat are held accountable for their actions Percentage of major cases successfully prosecuted 90% by March 31, 2016

The Major Cases and Special Investigations Sub-program is part of the Compliance and Enforcement Program.