Report on Plans and Priorities 2013-14

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Program 1.2 - Aboriginal Strategies and Governance


This is a complex departmental responsibility, with both program and policy elements. This Program delivers contribution programs supporting the involvement of Aboriginal groups in the fishery, where Fisheries and Oceans Canada manages the fishery and where land claims agreements have not been concluded, specifically for three purposes: food, social, and ceremonial usage; shared management, by building the capacity required to engage in an integrated fishery; and conservation, by building monitoring, policing, and species at risk management capacities. Concurrently, the Program provides strategic guidance to the Department in: the ongoing management of Aboriginal rights issues; the renewal of Aboriginal programs and policies; allocation policies; treaty negotiation mandates; frameworks for the implementation of treaties; and fisheries-related consultation and engagement. This program serves to build and maintain strong and stable relations with Aboriginal groups and to promote fisheries-related economic opportunities for Aboriginal communities; both are instrumental to maintaining a stable fisheries management regime with common and transparent rules for all.

Financial Resources ($ millions)

Total Budgetary
(Main Estimates)
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
56.9 56.9 55.1 55.1

Human Resources (FTE)

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
111 94 94

Performance Measurement

Aboriginal communities actively participate in the management of aquatic resources and oceans Percentage of eligible Aboriginal groups under a co-management relationship or arrangement 98% by March 31, 2014
Aboriginal communities actively participate in integrated commercial fisheries Number of First Nations issued a communally held licence or quota for use in integrated commercial fisheries 145 by March 31, 2014

Planning Highlights - Improving Fisheries Management Priority

  • Aboriginal Fisheries Policy Framework - Continue development of a framework for Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Aboriginal policies and programs to manage Aboriginal and treaty fishing rights issues, over the long-term, inside and outside of treaties.

Planning Highlights - Program-level

  • Management Control Framework for Treaty Implementation - Continue development of a Fisheries and Oceans Canada Treaty Implementation Management Control Framework to provide more coherent and consistent direction and to support the sustainability of the Department's treaty-related obligations.
  • Ahousaht Response Strategy - Participate in court-ordered negotiations and develop a departmental response to the Ahousaht case and appeal.

The Aboriginal Strategies and Governance Program is delivered through three sub-programs as indicated in the Program Alignment Architecture: