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Pacific north coast integrated management area plan

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Dear reader,

On behalf of the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) Steering Committee, we are pleased to present the Integrated Ocean Management Plan for the Pacific North Coast area.

This document provides high-level direction on the planning and management of marine activities and resources in the area, and has been developed with extensive input from a broad range of partners, including First Nations, provincial and federal governments, industry, non-governmental organizations, academia and local community residents.

We would like to thank the many individuals and partners who collaborated in the development of this plan. Their experience and perspectives have proven invaluable in creating a comprehensive, strategic framework to support a more holistic and integrated approach to ocean use in PNCIMA.

Ongoing participation, support and commitment from partners and stakeholders in implementing this plan will help ensure that healthy and functioning ecosystems and coastal communities are maintained in this significant and unique marine area.



Dominic LeBlanc

Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Steve Thomson

BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, & Natural Resource Operations


Marilyn Slett

Coastal First Nations – Great Bear Initiative

  • As directed by:
  • Council of the Haida Nation (also representing Old Massett Village Council and Skidegate Band Council)
  • Gitga’at Nation
  • Heiltsuk Nation
  • Kitasoo/Xai’Xais Nation
  • Metlakatla First Nation
  • Nuxalk Nation
  • Wuikinuxv Nation

Robert Grodecki

Executive Director
North Coast-Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society

  • Gitxaala First Nation
  • Metlakatla First Nation
  • Kitsumkalum First Nation
  • Kitselas First Nation

This plan is not legally binding and does not create legally enforceable rights between Canada, British Columbia or First Nations. This plan is not a treaty or land claims agreement within the meaning of sections 25 and 35 of Canada’s Constitution Act, 1982.

This plan does not create, define, evidence, amend, recognize, affirm or deny any Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal title and/or treaty rights or Crown title and rights, and is not evidence of the nature, scope or extent of any Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal title and/or treaty rights or Crown title and rights.

This plan does not limit or prejudice the positions Canada, British Columbia or First Nations may take in any negotiations or legal or administrative proceedings.

Nothing in this plan constitutes an admission of fact or liability.

Nothing in this plan alters, defines, fetters or limits or shall be deemed to alter, define, fetter or limit the jurisdiction, authority, obligations or responsibilities of Canada, British Columbia or First Nations.

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