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Integrated Management Planning

Placentia Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Ecological Reserves and Special Places

Map: Ecological Reserves and Special Places

Ecological reserves and special places include privately, provincially and federally protected parks and areas, set aside because of their special ecological, biological, and/or historical significance.

Placentia Bay provides a significant habitat for seabirds. Cape St. Mary's, an internationally recognized Seabird Ecological Reserve located on the southwestern tip of the Avalon Peninsula, provides breeding habitat for 10 species of seabirds and over-wintering habitat for the endangered harlequin duck.

There are two National Historic Sites, Castle Hill National Historic Site of Canada and the Atlantic Charter Site, located at Jerseyside and Ship Harbour, respectively. Castle Hill protects the remains of fortifications built by the French and English in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Atlantic Charter Site commemorates the meeting of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt aboard two warships in 1941.

The Come By Chance Wetland Stewardship Area provides important staging habitat for black duck, Canada goose and the green-winged teal. There are two privately owned resorts located near the head of Placentia Bay: Kilmory Resort near Piper's Hole River and Woody Island Resort, which is only accessible by boat. There are four day-use and/or overnight camping parks that are privately operated (Freshwater Pond, Golden Sands Amusement Park, Jack's Pond Park, and Piper's Hole River) and one provincially operated site (Gooseberry Cove Natural Scenic Attraction).

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