Federal Marine Protected Areas Strategy

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Linkages to Federal Initiatives

The Federal Marine Protected Areas Strategy and the network are important contributions to the implementation of Canada’s Oceans Strategy which has at its root the overarching goal to “ensure healthy, safe and prosperous oceans for the benefit of current and future generations of Canadians". Furthermore, this Federal Strategy and its implementation are key commitments of the Oceans Action Plan.

The Federal Marine Protected Areas Strategy will also serve as a means to link and support other national and regional initiatives, including those that support the broader sustainable development agenda.

[PHOTO: Four children walking on a rocky coast]

The building of an ecological marine protected areas network will contribute to the conservation and protection of species at risk and will support the implementation of Canada’s new Species at Risk Act. Marine protected areas as conservation tools can be applied to the mandatory protection of critical habitats described in species recovery strategies and action plans. An ecologically linked network of marine protected areas can also help conserve and protect key habitats necessary for all critical life cycle stages, including habitats which are required for the large scale movements of highly migratory species at risk. The emphasis on establishing a network of marine protected areas within integrated ocean management planning and other strategic planning initiatives will also contribute to the protection of migratory corridors which are necessary for the successful migration of species.

As well, the Federal Marine Protected Areas Strategy may provide a means for enhancing linkages and potential synergy with regionally oriented environmental programs such as the St-Lawrence Vision 2000, Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative, the Atlantic Coastal Action Program and the Northern Ecosystem Initiative.

The Strategy reflects a broader government agenda to seek efficiencies in the delivery of federal programs. The intent is to build an approach that will allow the federal government, where possible, to integrate its activities to create a more effective marine protected areas network, but also to more effectively interact with Canadians in delivering this important component of the conservation mandate of the Government of Canada.

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