Policy and Operational Framework for Integrated Management of Estuarine, Coastal and Marine Environments in Canada

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4.0 Conclusion

Canada’s long term goal is to develop a system of nested Integrated Management plans for all of its marine waters, and to establish within these a network of marine protected areas. However, there is clearly a need to establish shorter term priorities.

Significant challenges must be addressed. The shift from a single species or single industry management approach towards a broader, more inclusive method of managing ocean resources and spaces can only occur with the investment of time, resources and effort by all concerned. There is a need for significant investment in relationship building, trust and capacity building among governments, Aboriginal peoples, environmental, industrial, and community groups.

The role of the Canada Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Integrated Management is not prescriptive, but rather as leader and facilitator in keeping with its jurisdictional mandate. In offshore areas, the Department and other federal authorities will have a greater role to play in leading the development of Integrated Management plans in collaboration with other domestic and international interests. In near shore or coastal areas, the Department’s role will more often be as participant or facilitator, one of many parties with an interest and mandated responsibility for sustainable management of the marine environment.

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