Project proposal guidelines (British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund)

This is the outline of the information required to assist us in evaluating your proposed project.

The British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund (BCSRIF) application form must be submitted with your proposal. All proposal documents must be submitted in both paper and electronic format (USB/memory stick). Applicants are advised that it’s their responsibility to adopt appropriate security safeguards while transmitting information to us. For this reason, we cannot accept proposals or accompanying documents via email.

Additional information or clarification may be required from you during the due diligence process as the program officer reviews the information provided. Some projects may require advice from experts in a particular field as part of the due diligence process and in determining the overall risk.

The proposal should include a description of project purpose and objectives in seeking contribution funding relating to the fund objectives. The following is an outline of a project proposal. It’s not necessary to address each of these sections, but the instructions below provide points for consideration when writing the proposal.

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Project title

Provide a short concise title that conveys what the proposed product/process/service will be once the project is complete.

Project summary

Provide a non-technical description (2 pages maximum) of the proposed product/process/service, the issues it will address and how the results will impact your business or organization, or broader fish and seafood sector.

Project purpose and objectives

Identify the goals of your project and the key issues it aims to address.

Program objectives and priorities

Explain how your project aligns with BCSRIF priorities and will help to meet the program’s objectives.

Proposed activities and work plan

Provide a detailed description of activities to be undertaken, including key milestones and deliverables.


Provide a detailed breakdown of the budget required over the life of the project (broken down by year and quarter) itemized by expense category, as well as cash flow for the proposed project.

Other sources of funding

Provide information on all sources of funding contributed to the project, including confirmatory documents. This includes a description and confirmation of in-kind or financial support provided by government officials.

Expected outcomes and results

Explain the results that your project is expected to achieve at each stage of the project, and overall. Include details on anticipated long-term actions, such as ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Describe your intended outcomes, and key indicators that will be used to measure the success of the project.

Project partners and collaborators

Describe other project participants, including their interests and role in delivering the project.

This section should include information on individuals or organizations that will participate in the delivery of the project through the provision of in-kind or financial support. Letters of support or other confirmation of these commitments should be attached to your application.

Risk assessment

List any potential risks that could affect the viability or outcome of the project, including planned mitigation strategies to address each risk.