Northern Shrimp Fishing Area (SFA) 4 and 5 for 2016/17

The Minister has made his final decision for Total Allowable Catch (TAC) and shares in shrimp fishing areas (SFA) 4 and 5.


Following the recommendations of the Ministerial Advisory Panel and other considerations, the offshore competitive quota in SFA 4 will be divided equally among the ‘greater than 100 fleet’, more commonly known as the offshore fleet, the Innu, and the Nunatsiavut Government.

In the spirit of increasing Indigenous access to this fishery, the three adjacent Indigenous groups (Innu, the NunatuKavut Community Council and Nunatsiavut Government) will receive increased stable and predictable shares in SFA 5, beginning this season.

Going forward, the Inshore Affected Cod/Crab Harvesters (IACF) will remain in the fishery at a reduced level, but with a stable share in SFA 5. This decision recognizes the principle of adjacency and is based on the fact that access to this resource currently contributes to the economic viability of the IACF.

The Department will continue to make access and allocation decisions in a manner consistent with the requirements set out in Land Claims Agreements and with the engagement of northern stakeholders.

The final TAC decisions for SFA 4 and 5 are outlined below and are based on scientific evidence and the precautionary approach and were made in full consultation with stakeholders, including industry, provincial and territorial governments and Indigenous groups. The process to determine final TACs in northern SFAs (0-3) is ongoing.

Dates of season (subject to change)

SFA 4 and 5 operate year round, from April 1 – March 31.

Total Allowable Catches


The Total Allowable Catch in SFA 4 borealis will remain at the 2015/16 level of 14,971t, which includes a 1,700t allocation for Use of Fish under Section 10 of the Fisheries Act.


The Total Allowable Catch in SFA 5 will be increased by 10% from 2015/16 level of 23,300t to 25,630t.

Sharing Arrangements (if applicable)

The Last In, First Out policy has been eliminated, and replaced with proportional shares. The proportional shares going forward and the associated allocation for 2016/17 are as follows:

SFA 4 Tonnes* % share
Offshore 10,769 81.1%
Inshore 702 5.3%
Innu Nation 1,125 8.5%
Nunatsiavut Government 675 5.1%
Total 13,271

*includes interim quota already announced

SFA 5 Tonnes* % Share
Offshore 9,750t 38.04%
Northern Coalition 7,176t 28.00%
Innu Nation 1,330t 5.19%
LIA (Nunatsiavut Government) 2,537t 9.90%
Cartwright 710t 2.77%
NunatuKavut Community Council 1,594t 6.22%
Inshore Affected cod/crab harvesters (Cartwright/L'Anse au Claire 2,266t 8.84%
Inshore Affected cod/crab harvesters Northern Peninsula 267t 1.04%

*includes interim quota already announced

Management Measures

No additional management measures for 2016/17.

Single or Multi-year Planning

The TAC is applicable to the 2016/17 fishery only.
The sharing arrangements will be used on a go forward basis.

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