Atlantic Mackerel – NAFO Subareas 3 and 4

Dates of season (subject to change)

June to November

Total Allowable Catches

TAC of 8,000 tonnes for 2016

Sharing Arrangements (if applicable)

Fixed Gear and Small Seine harvesters 60%
Large Seine harvesters 40%

(Status Quo from 2015)

Management Measures

A Canadian total allowable catch of 8,000 tonnes for 2016.

There are flexibilities built into the current sharing arrangement (60% Fixed Gear and Small Seine harvesters / 40% Large Seine harvesters) if required during the 2016 fishing season.

Minimum fish size for commercial mackerel retention remains at 263mm (status quo from 2015).

Single or Multi-year Planning

This decision is for this year (2016) only.

Additional Information

In light of concerns expressed by industry at the 2014 Atlantic Mackerel Advisory Committee meeting, an Industry/Science working group was established to explore means for industry to assist science in compiling additional commercial fishing data and to look at ways to better collect information in bait fisheries.

In 2015, a new egg survey took place in Area 3K (northeast coast of NL) to determine if this is another significant spawning area for mackerel. That project will be continued in 2016.

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