Atlantic halibut in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Divisions 4RST)

Dates of season (subject to change)

The management cycle for Atlantic halibut 4RST is May 15 to May 14 of the following year. Season opening for specific fleets vary subject to respective fleet conservation harvesting plans.

Total Allowable Catches

The Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of 1036.8 t for Atlantic halibut in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Divisions 4RST) as established for two years in 2015, will remain in place for the 2016 season.

Sharing Arrangements (if applicable)

As a result of the shares review, the sharing of the TAC going forward will follow the fleet sector shares as defined in 1988 and inshore geographic fleet shares as established in 2007. In addition, 85% of the mobile gear fleets quotas will be re-distributed to the inshore fixed gear fleets and shared equally between the eight inshore fixed gear fleets currently involved in the directed Atlantic halibut fishery in 4RST until required for bycatch in other fisheries.

As a result, the 2016-2017 allocations per fleet (calculated before quota reconciliation or carry-forward of previously uncaught quota when applicable) are as follows:

Fleet Allocations 2016/17

Allocation (t)

Fixed Gear < 19.81 m  
Gulf New Brunswick 66.954
Gulf Nova Scotia 44.114
Gulf Prince Edward Island 40.138
Western Newfoundland 261.097
Quebec North Shore 89.144
Gaspe 347.832
Magdalen Islands 68.906
Scotia Fundy (4Vn Management Board) 41.367
Mobile Gear ˂ 19.81 m 18.218
Fixed Gear 19.81 m – 30.48 m 35.552
Mobile Gear 19.81 m – 30.48 m 5.333
Vessels ˃ 30.48 m 18.218

Management Measures

The management measures will be outlined in the conservation harvesting plan of each inshore fixed gear fleet.

Single or Multi-year Planning

The Atlantic halibut fishery in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Divisions 4RST) is managed under a two-year period.

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