Harp Seal and Hooded Seal competitive fleet in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Gulf and Maritimes Regions

Dates of season (subject to change)

The 2016 season start dates for sealing fleets will be determined through consultation with fleet representatives. For more information, refer to your local DFO Area Office.

Total Allowable Catches

The hooded seal Total Allowable Catch for 2016 is rolled over from 2015. The Total Allowable Catch is 8,200 animals.

The Total Allowable Catch for harp seals for the 2016 season is set at 400,000 animals, a rollover from 2015. This includes a 20,000 developmental quota for approved projects.

Management Measures

Mandatory training on the three-step process

In 2009, the Government of Canada strengthened the Marine Mammal Regulations to formalize already well-established humane harvesting practices. Regulatory amendments articulate a prescribed three-step process that is in keeping with international scientific standards and provides for a safe and humane harvest.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada reminds all Commercial Seal licence holders that Humane Harvesting training on the three-step process is mandatory for all Commercial Seal licence holders. Sealers who did not renew their 2015 licence will be granted an opportunity to renew their 2016 licence after they have successfully completed this mandatory training.

It is important to note that if Commercial Sealers do not complete the mandatory Humane Harvesting training and renew their 2016 Commercial Sealing licence by November 30, 2016, their Commercial Seal licence will not be eligible for renewal in 2017.

Please refer to the Marine Mammal Regulations for details on the three-step process and other related management measures.

Issue of Licences

A freeze on the issuance of new commercial harp seal licences remains in effect for the 2016 season.

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