Fisheries and Oceans Canada Current Products, Programs and Services

Annex 1: Products and Services Currently Provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

  1. Fisheries Management
    • Management of Commercial, Subsistence and Recreational Fisheries with Northern co-management partners.
  2. Science
    • Numerous scientific research initiatives. Science forms the basis of all DFO programs.
  3. Canadian Hydrographic Service
    • Providing charts and related products in support of safe navigation.
  4. Conservation and Protection
    • Ensuring legislated rules and regulations concerning the marine environment are followed and communicating with local communities.
  5. Oceans Management
    • Promoting long-term sustainable use of oceans. Includes establishment of marine protected areas.
  6. Fisheries Protection
    • Supporting responsible resource development through the Fisheries Act. For example, working closely with industry to ensure regulations are carefully followed while accessing northern natural resources.
  7. Aquatic Species at Risk
    • Identifying at-risk species and taking actions to prevent further harm and to promote recovery.
  8. Aquatic Invasive Species
    • Identifying the risks associated with invasive species, taking actions to prevent introduction and combating targeted invasive species that have become established.
  9. Small Craft Harbours
    • Managing a network of harbours that support commercial fishers and other users, for example Pangnirtung.