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Indigenous Habitat Participation Program: Contribution Component - Step 4. Selection criteria

Step 4. Selection criteria

How we process applications

We process individual applications for funding when we receive them. They are sent through either grants or contribution funding systems. We assess all applications based upon:

  • what funds are available;
  • eligibility criteria, including:
    • activities
    • recipients
    • expenditures
  • relevance to the objectives of the Indigenous Habitat Participation Program (IHPP) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, such as fish and fish habitat conservation and protection.

We will not fund activities that duplicate services, studies or written materials that are already being funded by other public or private sources.

Proposal assessment

We assess all applications based upon:

  • the proposal’s:
    • alignment with the IHPP objectives;
    • relation to other national and regional strategies and priorities;
    • how well it engages Indigenous groups (i.e., its scope including the number of organizations and people who will be involved and/or supported;
  • the applicant’s:
    • experience;
    • additional resources;
    • management capacity; and
    • explanation of how funds will go to the proposal and help achieve its goals.
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