2014-15 Departmental Performance Report

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Program 3.6 - Canadian Coast Guard College


Operating as Coast Guard's national, bilingual, degree-conferring training institution, the Canadian Coast Guard College educates the marine professionals necessary to deliver programs in support of the Coast Guard's mission and mandate in marine safety, security, and environmental protection. Coast Guard's Fleet Operational Readiness, Shore-Based Asset Readiness, Marine Communications and Traffic Services, Search and Rescue Services, and Environmental Response Services programs are integral contributors to the delivery of this program. The legal basis or authority for this program is found in the Constitution Act, 1867 and the Oceans Act.

Budgetary Financial Resources (dollars)

Main Estimates Planned Spending Total Authorities Available for Use Actual Spending (authorities used) Difference (actual minus planned)
12,928,545 12,928,545 14,551,816 14,551,816 1,623,271

Human Resources (full-time equivalents)

Planned Actual Difference
(actual minus planned)
301.0 243.9 -57.1

Note: The variance between planned and actual human resources is a result of the Canadian Coast Guard College's cadet intake being lower than planned.

Performance Measurement

Expected Result Performance Indicator Target Actual Results
Trained operational personnel are ready to respond to the operational needs and requirements of the Government of Canada Percentage of Officer Training Program graduates to approved trainee intake 70% by March 31, 2015 66%
Percentage of Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officer graduates to approved trainee intake 90% by March 31, 2015 100%

Performance Analysis and Lessons Learned

The Canadian Coast Guard College graduated 66% of Officer Cadets from the Officer Training Program. It is important to the success of the Canadian Coast Guard that the graduates are prepared for the duties and responsibilities of a career in Coast Guard. As the role of the College is to prepare Officer Cadets to meet these challenges, it is reasonable that a percentage of Officer Cadets will not succeed in the program.

The Marine Communications and Traffic Services program was successful in achieving a 100% graduation rate. This strong outcome is evidence of a focused group of individuals committed to contributing to Coast Guard Programs.