2014-15 Departmental Performance Report

Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Program 1.9 - Small Craft Harbours


The Small Craft Harbours program operates and maintains a national network of harbours in support of the principal and evolving needs of the commercial fishing industry and the broader interests of coastal communities. Investment in small craft harbour infrastructure supports the economic prosperity of Canada's fisheries and maritime sectors and contributes to public safety. Small Craft Harbours focuses its resources on keeping fishing harbours that are critical to the commercial fishing industry in good repair. The program is delivered in cooperation with Harbour Authorities, local not-for-profit organizations representing the interests of both commercial fish harvesters and the broader community, who manage the harbours under lease agreements with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Low activity fishing harbours, as well as recreational harbours, are transferred to third parties through divestiture. The Small Craft Harbours program is funded through an annual appropriation and is also supported by two component Transfer Payment programs: the Small Craft Harbours Class Grant program and the Small Craft Harbours Class Contribution program. The Small Craft Harbours program operates under the authority of the Fishing and Recreational Harbours Act and its regulations, as well as the Federal Real Property and Federal Immovables Act.

Budgetary Financial Resources (dollars)

Main Estimates Planned Spending Total Authorities Available for Use Actual Spending (authorities used) Difference (actual minus planned)
94,277,242 94,277,242 112,964,932 104,489,712 10,212,470

Human Resources (full-time equivalents)

Planned Actual Difference
(actual minus planned)
164.0 161.8 -2.2

Performance Measurement

Target Actual Results
Network of safe and accessible harbours that contribute to the commercial fishing industry Percentage of facilities at core fishing harbours in fair or better condition 80% by March 31, 2015 83%
Activities at small craft harbours result in economic benefits Gross Domestic Product generated by small craft harbours activities $80.0M
(2011-12 A-base baseline)
by March 31, 2015

$82 million

Harbour Authorities operate and manage core fishing harbours Percentage of core fishing harbours that are operated and managed by Harbour Authorities >90% by March 31, 2015 95%

Performance Analysis and Lessons Learned

Small Craft Harbours is currently responsible for 742 core fishing harbours and 83% of the facilities at these sites are in fair, good or very good condition, exceeding the program's target of 80%.

The Gross Domestic Product generated by the Small Craft Harbours program is estimated at $82M. This indicator is meant to measure the impact of Small Craft Harbours construction and maintenance activities in any given year on the Gross Domestic Product.

As of March 31, 2015, 95% of core fishing harbours are operated and managed by Harbour Authorities.