Supplementary Information Tables

Internal Audits and Evaluations

Internal Audits (current reporting period)

Name of Internal Audit Internal Audit Type Completion Date
Process Maps - Licencing Phase 1b: All Regions Consulting June 2014
Audit of the Environmental Management Framework Assurance June 2014
Audit of Emergency Preparedness Assurance December 2014
Process Maps - Human Resources: Staffing and Classification Consulting December 2014
Readiness Assessment of Succession Planning Consulting December 2014
Readiness Assessment of Costing - CFO Attestation Consulting March 2015
Audit of the Climate Change Adaptation Services Program Assurance March 2015

Note: Only completed assurance type audits are posted on the departmental website. Links to these audit reports have been embedded. Posting of the Audit of Emergency Preparedness is pending.

Evaluations (current reporting period)

Link to Department's Program Alignment Architecture Title of Evaluation Status Deputy Head Approval Date
1.3 Sustainable Aquaculture Program Strategic Partnerships Initiative (Lead: AANDC) - Horizontal evaluation Completed September 2014Footnote1
1.5 Aquatic Animal Health Aquatic Animal Health Completed October 2014
3.3 Maritime Security Evaluation of the Maritime Security - Operation Centre Great Lakes (Lead: RCMPFootnote2) Completed February 2015
1.1 Integrated Fisheries Management Academic Research Contribution Program Completed March 2015
1.4 Salmonid Enhancement Program Evaluation for the Salmonid Enhancement Program Completed March 2015
3.3 Maritime Security Maritime Security - Operation Centre Coastal Completed March 2015
3.4 Fleet Operational Readiness - Part 2 Fleet Operational Capability Completed July 2015
1.3 Sustainable Aquaculture Program British Columbia Aquaculture Regulatory Program Completed August 2015

Note: A horizontal evaluation on Territorial Delineation, to be led by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada has been re-scheduled from 2014-15 to 2017-18.