Research Document - 2010/030

Ecosystem status and trends report: Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence ecozone

By R. Dufour, H. Benoît, M. Castonguay, J. Chassé, L. Devine, P. Galbraith, M. Harvey, P. Larouche, S. Lessard, B. Petrie, L. Savard, C. Savenkoff, L. St-Amand and M. Starr


This document was produced under the umbrella of the national ecosystem status and trends report program and deal with the estuary and gulf of St. Lawrence ecozone. It is structured around the status and trends of some important marine species and physico-chemical variables of the ecosystem.

The national ecosystem status and trends report will support priority-setting for a national biodiversity agenda and will integrate national and provincial ecosystem-based information. It will report on many large terrestrial and marine ecozones.

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