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Newfoundland & Labrador Comparative Fishing Analysis - Part 1

Regional - Newfoundland and Labrador Region

July 10-13, 2023
St. John's, NL

Chairperson: Rick Rideout


Multispecies bottom trawl surveys have been conducted annually in the spring and fall in the Newfoundland and Labrador region using a Campelen 1800 survey trawl aboard the CCGS Teleost and CCGS Alfred Needler since 1995. These surveys are used to estimate the distribution and abundance of many fish and invertebrate species, to determine species life history characteristics, and form the basis of a number of ecosystem indicators. The CCGS Alfred Needler and CCGS Teleost will no longer be used for these surveys after 2022 and 2023, respectively, and will be replaced by the Offshore Fishery Science Vessels (OFSVs), the CCGS John Cabot and CCGS Capt. Jacques Cartier. The Campelen 1800 Survey trawl will continue to be used, with a few modifications. Comparative fishing has been ongoing since 2021 to determine differences in catchability between the outgoing vessels and the new vessels with the modified Campelen trawl.

Analysis and review of this program will occur across two CSAS processes: Part I – Spring and Fall 2022 data, and Part II – Spring 2023 data. Part II will also address gaps identified in Part I.

Please note that this will be a highly technical meeting comparing the fishing efficiency of old and new research vessels and will not be touching on aspects related to stock or ecosystem trends or status. The influence of any derived conversion factors or lack of suitable conversion factors will be discussed during subsequent Regional Assessment Processes.


Evaluate the results of comparative fishing completed for the multispecies survey in NAFO Divisions 2HJ3KLNO. To achieve this, specifically:

  1. Report on gear performance (trawl geometry) on each of the survey vessels, and quantify differences between vessels.
  2. Determine species-specific conversion factors for the CCGS Teleost (fall) and the CCGS Alfred Needler (spring, fall) with the new vessels, CCGS Capt. Jacques Cartier and CCGS John Cabot.
  3. When data do not permit species-specific conversions, identify whether higher level taxonomic conversions are appropriate and determine grouped conversion factors where possible.
  4. Examine how conversions to the new OFSVs compare between the Needler and the Teleost.
  5. Make recommendations for future analyses to be addressed in Newfoundland and Labrador Comparative Fishing Analysis, Part II.

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