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Stock Assessment of Snow Crab in 2HJ3KLNOP4R

Regional Peer Review - Newfoundland and Labrador Region

February 20-23, 2023
Virtual Meeting

Co-Chairs: Aaron Adamack and Kristin Loughlin


The status of Divisions 2HJ3KLNOP4R Snow Crab was last assessed in 2022 (DFO 2022). The current assessment was requested by Resource Management to provide current information on the status of the resource and to provide the science advice that will be used in the 2023 Snow Crab Management Plan. Advice will be used to maintain/revise current management approaches, and to inform decision making.

Data will be shared with fish harvester committees, the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW), processors, Aboriginal organizations, and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador in local advisory meetings, to make informed recommendations on the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) and related fisheries management measures for upcoming annual Snow Crab seasons. This information will also be used for Fisheries Checklists processes, departmental support to Marine Stewardship Council certification processes, as well as for updates of the Integrated Fisheries Management Plan document.


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