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Western Component Pollock Management Strategy Evaluation Review – Part 1: Data Inputs

Regional Advisory Meeting – Maritimes Region

March 7–9, 2022
Virtual Meeting

Chairperson: Tara McIntyre


Pollock (Pollachius virens) in Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) Divisions 4VWX5 comprise two population components: a slower-growing Eastern Component including Divisions 4V and 4W, as well as Subdivisions 4Xm and 4Xn, and a faster-growing Western Component (WC) including 4Xopqrs and Canadian portions of Division 5. The WC has been the main focus of past analytical assessments, but scientific advice on stock status and catch limits using Virtual Population Analysis (VPA) modeling became highly variable in the mid-2000s (Stone 2011).

In 2011, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) fisheries managers and the fishing industry decided to manage Western Component (WC) Pollock using a risk-management approach and embarked on a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) process, with the help of government scientists and outside experts (DFO 2011). The MSE was intended to undergo review in 2016, but DFO resource limitations and the inception of an acoustic index resulted in a deferral of that review until 2021. This meeting comprises the first of three, and is expected to address the Data Inputs step in the revision of the WC Pollock MSE.


The objective of this meeting is to review and update the data inputs available for the WC Pollock MSE. Specifically:

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