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Assessment of the West Coast of Newfoundland (NAFO Division 4R) herring (Clupea harengus) stocks in 2022

Regional Peer Review – Quebec Region

March 1-3, 2022
Virtual meeting

Chairperson: Martin Castonguay


The herring fishery on the west coast of Newfoundland (NAFO Division 4R) is managed by a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of 20,000 t applied to all catches without differentiating between spawning stocks. The allocation of the TAC among the different fleets is 55% for large purse seiners (vessel > 65’), 22% for small purse seiners (vessel < 65’) and 23% for fixed gears.

A first series of acoustic surveys was conducted between 1991 and 2002. A second series of surveys was initiated in the fall of 2009 and continued until 2021. The data collected from these surveys are used to calculate biomass indices for the two spawning stocks.

The last assessment of the two herring spawning stocks in Division 4R was in 2020. During this meeting, the assessment model was rejected as the basis for the science advice, resulting in the rejection of the reference points and the precautionary approach. Biomass indices calculated from acoustic surveys are, along with commercial fishery data, the main source of information used to assess stock status.

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Branch has requested a scientific advice on these stocks for the 2022 and 2023 fishing seasons. The purpose of this review is to determine whether changes have occurred in the status of the stock that would require adjustments to the management plan based on the conservation approach adopted.


Provide a scientific advice of the spring and fall spawning herring stocks in NAFO Division 4R (west coast of Newfoundland) for the 2022 and 2023 fishing seasons. This advice shall include:

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