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Scientific advice on the design of a comprehensive long-term monitoring program for Redside Dace (Clinostomus elongatus) to inform recovery and management decisions

Regional Peer Review – Central and Arctic Region

February 4, 2020
Burlington, ON

Chairperson: David Andrews


The Ontario Recovery Strategy for Redside Dace (Clinostomus elongatus) identified monitoring actions that, if implemented, would help to ensure the persistence of Redside Dace and its habitat (Redside Dace Recovery Team 2010). Similarly, the federal Recovery Strategy and Recovery Potential Assessment for Redside Dace (DFO 2019) indicated that long-term monitoring to inform abundance and distribution, the status of habitat, and potential threats, would benefit species recovery. Species and habitat information obtained from monitoring could provide baseline information about the occurrence or abundance of Redside Dace at multiple spatial scales, including in areas subject to development impacts or recovery actions, thereby informing decision-making by DFO’s Species at Risk and Fish and Fish Habitat Protection programs. Information obtained from monitoring could inform the conservation status of the species and the response to ongoing recovery actions. Although Redside Dace is detected by several agencies during the course of fish community monitoring and other targeted sampling, comprehensive efforts to conduct structured, range-wide monitoring efforts have not occurred.  One factor that has prevented implementation of range-wide monitoring efforts is uncertainty about the most appropriate monitoring program objective(s) and related aspects of program design. Science advice about monitoring program design is needed to inform the implementation of Redside Dace monitoring efforts in Canada, thereby contributing necessary actions outlined in provincial and federal recovery strategies.


To develop advice that will guide the design of a long-term monitoring program for Redside Dace, including: the identification of potential monitoring objectives and related assessment variables; the choice of appropriate sample units; suitable gears; and, sampling effort required to attain a given level of statistical power.

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