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Northwest Atlantic Spiny Dogfish Framework and Assessment

Maritimes Regional Science Advisory Process

25-27 May 2011
Dartmouth, NS

Chairperson: Mark Showell


Spiny dogfish is a transboundary resource with significant catches in Canada and the United States (US). Although the framework assessment for this resource was initiated under the Transboundary Resources Assessment Committee (TRAC), the US has proceeded with unilateral management and delayed any further consideration under TRAC. In the interim, Canada has no reference points and no scientifically-based management. The last DFO assessment of spiny dogfish occurred in November 2007. A combination of a framework and stock assessment at this meeting will provide DFO with its first science-based assessment for the spiny dogfish resource, and will provide a suitable approach upon which to base management advice.


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CSAS Science Advisory Report
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